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Thread: Getting Vanilla builds on my CR48

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    Getting Vanilla builds on my CR48

    I've had the biggest pain in my ass with this for the last two weeks. First I tried to set up my own build environment so I could build verified boot images. I didn't have the time for this so I scrapped it. Then I tried using Todd V's images but they just aren't updated enough, I'm not going to bug him and ask because I know people have lives and things to do.

    So next I decided I would have flash my BIOS. So you know you have to take the bottom of the case off so the strip doesn't touch and make it write protected. I got through 11/12 screws and the last black little screw stripped. I was just like FUCK!
    So it was a week of trying different things before I decided I was going to take chance and just tear out. Guess what! I got lucky and it worked.

    So I installed Ubuntu the easy way, backed up my bios, installed the stock bios. Then I made a Chromium USB key of Hexxeh's April 19th Vanilla build.

    Now I'm trying to install Java and update flash.

    If anyone know's of Chromium OS builds that are current and are verified for the CR-48 please tell me.

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    I suppose this script will work if you have a separate Ubuntu box with a Chromium OS chroot on it (save inside ~/chromiumos on your Ubuntu installation as

    To run the script, simply navigate to its directory (preferably your top-level chromiumos directory) and run:

    cd ~/chromiumos/src/scripts
    cd ~/trunk
    Then, if it finds that the version number has been changed, it will automatically build a new recovery image for your Cr-48. Then, to write the image (including any updates) to your USB key and use it to recover your Cr-48 in dev mode:

    ./ --board=${BOARD} --image_name=recovery_image.bin --to=${MY_USB_KEY_LOCATION}
    Replace the ${MY_USB_KEY_LOCATION} with the device file (e.g. /dev/sdc) of your USB key.
    Last edited by Kenny_Strawn; 05-08-2011 at 07:27 PM. Reason: Forgot that this script requires you to enter the chroot to run

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