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Thread: Latest Chrome OS 0.12.433.22 Findings & Fixes - DEV Channel

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    Latest Chrome OS 0.12.433.22 Findings & Fixes - DEV Channel

    Please post your findings & fixes here and I'll edit this post as needed to keep it summarized.
    Last edit - 5/5/2011 8:00 AM CST

    [h=DEV CHANNEL - Released 5/2/2011]5[/h]
    Small bump in the browser and V8 version - See the ChromeOS Wiki for a Build History table.

    Firrmware Mario.03.60.1120.0038G5.0018d
    Chrome OS 0.12.433.22 (Official Build) dev-channel x86-mario
    Google Chrome 12.0.742.16
    WebKit 534.30 (branches/chromium/742@85351)

    [table]Useful Links[/table]
    [table] border="0"
    ! class="tcat" colspan="6" | Useful Links
    | style="font-style: regular" | - Chromium OS Project
    - Bug Reporting Guidelines
    - Helping with bug triage
    - Chrome OS Help
    - Chromium-OS Issues
    - Chrome Releases Blog
    | - BuildBot:ChromiumOS
    - BuildBot:Chromium Console
    - #Chromium-OS IRC Channel
    - V8 Benchmark Suite
    - Peacekeeper
    | - Google Groups - Chrome Notebook Pilot
    - Google Groups - Cr-48 Test Pilots
    - Google Groups - ChromiumOS Discussion
    [wiki=]- ChromeOSWiki - Web App Alternatives[/wiki]
    - ChromeOSWiki - Tutorials
    | class="tcat" colspan="6" | The following method seemed to force an update.
    Power down the Cr-48 by holding the power key down, start it back up and go to Wrench > About Chrome OS and the update started.


    [h=Peacekeeper & V8 Stats (Using an Incognito window or Guest Mode)]5[/h]
    Previous stats can be found here - ChromeOS Wiki

    0.12.362.2 - 1878 / V8 Benchmark - 1717 (Guest Mode)
    0.12.397.0 - 1913 / V8
    0.12.433.9 - 1872 / V8 Benchmark - 1956 (Guest Mode)
    0.12.433.14 - 1885 / V8 Benchmark - 1962
    0.12.433.22 - 1937 / V8 Benchmark - 1923 (so far)

    Peacekeeper is a free service that lets you quickly and easily benchmark your browser.
    V8 Benchmark Suite contains a suite of pure JavaScript benchmarks used to tune V8.

    The T.P.S. Reports can wait but make sure to submit your Bugs

    Blue - Positive
    Red - Negative

    • Ctrl-O working but now can view mp4, m4a and mp3 files. Press ESC to exit out.
    • new alternative file manager accessible in this latest release (press Ctrl+M)
    • The SSH client has changed substantially (see post 12)
    • External file support works
    • There are new options when changing your profile picture! Now you can choose to use the default gray with a color background. You also have the option to use the camera or load a picture from a file.

      Previous Pros
    • tested radio and a YouTube video and got audio from both headphones and speakers
    • Noticed the Firmware version shows up in the About Chrome OS > More info
    • Pandora and Groveshark work perfectly. Browsing overall is still great, which include YouTube vids.
    • VPN support - Show Private networks in the Network menu to enable conencting to a VPN. [about: flags]

    [h=Cons. / Aw, Snap! / He's Dead, Jim!]5[/h]

    • Pressing Ctrl-O opens up the File manager, but the Cancel button doesn't work. Press ESC to exit out.
    • File manager tabs popping up after restarts.


    [h=UNCONFIRMED - If anyone can confirm please reply]5[/h]
    • Time is difficult to read due to the theme.
    • Grooveshark/playback/resume issue persists. This issue applies to any audio (YouTube, Pandora)
    • can't seem to upload .doc files into Google Docs properly anymore.

    [h=Issues from previous OS Release]5[/h]
    I'll pull issues off this list once confirmed Fixed or Not Fixed
    • No longer can read sd or usb for music, even in guest mode.
    • Grooveshark/playback/resume issue persists. This issue applies to any audio (YouTube, Pandora)

    [h=From the Google Chrome Releases Blog]5[/h]
    Chrome Dev Channel Update (for the browser)
    Monday, May 2, 2011 | 18:06
    Labels: Dev updates
    The Chrome Dev channel has been updated to 12.0.742.12 for all platforms. This release continues to address UI and performance issues, as well as a fix for non-Aero themes on Windows.
    Last edited by Martin; 05-05-2011 at 06:57 AM.

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